Sunday, May 27, 2012

Acid or Alkaline - the Hydrangea Knows

In our patio garden are a few perennials. And the hydrangeas were pink the first year. When the garden was first installed, a lot of fresh new soil replaced the sandy, cruddy stuff that was in it originally. But then our 1890's building required some sealing around the base, so the garden was dug up and our new dirt was mixed up with some junk- again. All the plants needed to be removed before the work began and replanted when it was done. There was only room enough for 2 hydrangea plants, so the third one was placed in the courtyard outside of our fenced area. A funny thing started to happen... all of a sudden the pink flowers turned to blue and purple... some were half pink and half purple. I was never any good in chemistry, but I do know that some things grow better in either an acidic or alkaline environment. Whatever we have in our garden is a little bit of both. The best thing is that the blooms comes back every year- and we never know how they are going to look.
Just can't compete with Mother Nature

The hydrangeas stand out this time of year

A little bit of acid and alkaline in the soil

The original pink still appears

The birds love this place

Picture perfect

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