Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Arena Stage

Unexpectedly we were given two tickets for a Eugene O'Neill play at the Arena Stage-  Long Day's Journey into Night. I'm not much of a play person anymore. We did however, have season tickets for the Milwaukee Rep for 10-15 years quite awhile ago. It was a good way to spend very cold Sunday afternoons in a frigid state. But, I also enjoyed seeing a lot of the characters that I actually got to meet - including Larry Shue (The Nerd, The Foreigner), and James Pickering. But my preference for plays, books, and movies is to have a theme that is more upbeat than not. So, I wasn't really looking forward to it, but my husband was. It was in the end an interesting place to see, and I know there is a lot of history there. But we had just recently seen the movie version of this play. I didn't care for it then, and I knew I wasn't going to care for it again. Anyway, you could say I learned a little bit about SW Washington. It is right across from all the fishy restaurants and the area itself is undergoing revitalization. The building is not that far from where we live. The best part was that we were driven both to and from the event, which made up for the sad story.
All the costumes on display were red

The new glass building surrounds the old building that
could not be demolished

It faces the waterfront and has a nice view

Glass and concrete all around

Looks like a poster

You can now bring drinks in with you

The set

The Playbill

Much less formal than it used to be

Reminds me of the Milwuakee Rep

2nd level during intermission

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