Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ford's Theatre, Petersen House, and LAPD

If the weather is nice, we try to take a walk to the Mall and see what is happening. We walked along Pennsylvania Avenue and diverted the path to 10th Street NW. This weekend there were a lot of activities around national police week. The streets around town were blocked off everywhere for motorcades, bicycle events, and who knows what. We headed toward Ford's Theatre on 10th Street. I  visited this place in high school and several years after that. It has undergone extensive renovation, and there are play performances here as well. Most recent is the play 1776, which is one of my favorites. I saw it in Boston and New York, and have seen the movie many times on TV.  Across the street is the Petersen House, where Lincoln died. But today, there was some additional fanfare. There were about 20 police on motorcycles sitting in front of Ford's Theater, and they were all the way from LA. Someone mentioned that they were on their way to the White House. All I could think of was that John Wilkes Booth would have been caught a lot sooner if they were standing guard that April evening so long ago. How things have changed.
The front looks the same- gas lamps and all

But the police on motorcycles was unexpected

Robert Redford and crew were here when the movie
"Lincoln Conspirators" previewed

All the way from LA

We only knew that because LAPD was on the side

Interesting scene

Across the street at the Petersen House

The street has changed a bit- T shirt anyone?

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