Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jane Lewisohn and The Golha Project

The Library of Congress offers a lot of lectures and seminars that are free to the public. We often times attend those events related to Iranian topics. It's not so much the speaker or the subject, but rather the idea of my husband joining me at work, walking through the tunnels from the Madison Building to the Jefferson Building, admiring the beautiful Middle Eastern section of the building, enjoying the beautiful Jefferson Building in and of itself, and having lunch back in the Madison cafe- where the view from the 6th floor is outstanding. This time, the topic was a history of classical Persian music on the radio between the years of 1956- 1979, and then we stopped to see the gallery of art hanging on the 6th floor in the Madison Building, where I have two digital entries on display in the exhibit. I used to have lunch once a week with my husband back in Milwaukee. He would pick me up, we would drive over to Harry's Bar and Grill on Oakland Avenue, and he would drive me back. Even though we don't do this every week, it sure is very different and much more interesting. And it is all within walking distance from our house.
The events are always recorded

The speaker Jane Lewisohn

Must have had little sleep the night before

Posters are scattered throughout the buildings

I always love walking through the Jefferson Building

An interested tour group

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