Monday, May 14, 2012

Library of Congress Employee Art Exhibit

It is indeed a privilege and an honor to have any work of art showing in the Library of Congress. But to see your own work on exhibit is even more exciting. This is the first year that I submitted 2 items and they are both on display on the 6th floor of the Madison Building from May through November of this year. There was a grand opening event with a guest speaker from the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art. The Librarian usually attends, but the CFO took his place. This exhibit really highlights the activities that I've been involved with since I got my IPad two years ago. I would never have dreamed that this would take place, and I need to thank my husband for dragging me around until I found just the right mat and frames. I posted my new website yesterday to showcase the types of things I like to do, and I hope you all will take a look at it. I really appreciate any comments about it. I'm not sure if I would have pursued any of this if I still lived in Milwaukee, but I am really glad it happened here in DC and at the Library. It's not just a great place to work- it's a great place to enjoy the arts- and I can't believe that 2 of them are mine!
A little intro to the exhibit
The 6th floor gets a lot of traffic

This was one of my first sketches

A lot of interesting pieces

What a treat!

One of my favorites- it's on  my business card

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