Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Melting in the Rain

Ever since I can remember I have always watched the weather to plan for the next day as far as what to wear and what to bring... like an umbrella or snow boots. Growing up in Florida, it was essential to have an umbrella on hand at all times. This week, the forecast has been for rain and thunderstorms. So, every day, I have been lugging around a raincoat as well- except for today. And, I rarely wear pants to work, except today. And of course, when I came home from work, it was not just raining, it was coming down pretty hard. I even have a more sturdy umbrella for the really bad days- but left that one at home. There is something about me and rain, and getting wet. I just don't like it. But when I got home, the garden looked so much nicer getting a bath. But I was looking at it from the inside- which made all the difference.
Drying off

An unusual sight-
most people around here never carry umbrellas and look like wet rats

The one day I wear pants....
But the garden loves it

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