Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Concert Canceled

Since we did not go to the Memorial Day Concert dress rehearsal on Saturday night, we decided to go last night to the real thing. We waited until it started to walk over, avoiding the lines to get in through security. I had checked the weather several times before we left- and there was no hint of rain. As soon as we passed through security and made our way up towards the Capitol, someone came on the microphone to announce that the crowd needed to exit the grounds because of impending severe weather and thunderstorms. So, as soon as we got there, we had to leave. It was an orderly process, and the music continued. When we got home we turned the TV on to see how the concert was progressing. It looked suspiciously filled with people. Some of the key armed forces folks were no longer in those positions, and the singers were not on the roster. When we watched the news, we learned that the broadcast was switched over to last year's concert. I wonder how many people figured it out? I felt a little better knowing that we didn't really miss it, but sorry we didn't have a chance to see it. There's always the fourth of July and Labor Day concerts to look forward to, and all the Army band concerts on the Capitol steps all summer long. At least we got in some exercise for the day.
Along the House Office Buildings

Magnolias are blooming all along the way

A lot of limos

Passing through security- guard dogs and all

I have to go through this every day at work

The grounds were filled to capacity

When the announcement came to leave

And they did

In an orderly fashion

It didn't seem like bad weather

On TV from last year's concert

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