Sunday, May 20, 2012

Old Ebbitt Grill

Sometimes it's a good thing to do as the tourists do, though I believe at this place, the locals love it too. Old Ebbitt Grill has quite a history and has been around since 1856- but not at the same location. Anyone who was anyone apparently showed up here. We visited the place when we first moved here and sat in the front section where the seats are considered invaluable during inauguration. The parade passes right by on it's way to the White House. It is located across the street from the Treasury Building, which sits right next to the White House. This time we were in the back next to the atrium. While waiting for our table I found it most interesting is to observe and watch everyone else who was coming and going - the tourists, the graduates, the secret service, the congressional staff and lobbyists. The art is interesting, the interior is dark with animal trophy heads above the bar, and the oyster bar is said to be a favorite. On the way home, we strolled along Pennsylvania Avenue, past the Willard, and back to the metro stop. What I like most is that we can do this any time we want, and don't have to be on vacation to enjoy it.

From the website: As a boarding house, the Ebbitt guest list read like a Who's Who of American History. President McKinley is said to have lived there during his tenure in Congress. Presidents Grant, Andrew Johnson, Cleveland, Theodore Roosevelt and Harding supposedly refreshed themselves at its stand-around bar. Each table in the Ebbitt was graced by a blue history card that read: "Many other famous statesmen, naval and military heroes, too numerous to mention here, have been guests of the house."
The front entrance

It was about a half hour wait, but you can make reservations

The lobby was full of people - including a PhD graduate

Across from the Treasury building-
a van unloading- looks like a handful 

Waiting for someone?

We can tell everyone we were there

Not everyone has a smart phone

Dark furniture and mirrors abound

A lot of wait staff and a bar with animal trophy heads
Interesting art all around

A look up Pennsylvania Avenue at the taxi stand across from the Willard

A view down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol

A very busy tourist season

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