Monday, May 21, 2012

Pho Junkies and Rebas Food Trucks

It's been awhile since a new food truck has ventured on to the scene. Today there were two: Pho Junkies, with a zombie appeal of sorts, and Rebas. Pho Junkies apparently launched just this month. It is Vietnamese/Asian Fusion with spring, shrimp, and summer rolls, and and lot of meat options. Apparently Rebas is a big hit with some of my co workers who were on their way to get funnel cakes. Rebas started up in April. So the two newbies were parked back to back across the street from Tortilla Coast. I guess the trucks and competition are getting to be a routine now. But I'm still not convinced the brick and mortar establishments are thrilled about it. What the trucks offer is a variety for those who already have a pretty good choice, given all the restaurants around Capitol Hill. But if you prefer a quick bite rather than a sit down, this just may be the thing for you. I much prefer going home for lunch to any of the above, but that just isn't a choice for most people, including myself, before we moved here.
Parked right across from Tortilla Coast

Some happy campers

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