Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Subaru Dealer

My husband had the car in for it's 6 month check up. This time it only took a short amount of time so he waited there for the job to get done. While there, he took note of the new Subaru Forester and liked it. The car we have is eight years old- the longest we have ever had any vehicle. It was our second car in Milwaukee. It was used to carry around a very large dog, and ran like heck in the winter with a four wheel drive. It also moved us from Milwaukee to here, packed to the roof. Since we have to park on the street here in DC, we decided to keep this car. And it's a good thing with all the bumper scrapes and scratches. So we both returned to the dealer just to get an idea of the difference in a new car compared to what we have. It is very nice, but there's a problem. The one we have still runs well, and is expected to have a long life ahead- especially since we hardly drive the thing. But, we know if we ever need another one, this is the place to go in Alexandria. Even the salesman thought he would never see us again - at least for now.
The closest dealer is in Alexandria

Who likes buying a car?

Someone always goes after the free food

Nice car, but just don't need one yet.

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