Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Union Station

We needed to go to Union Station to exchange some money and so we walked over for some exercise. It's only a few blocks away, which makes it really convenient for a lot of reasons. On the way over we passed by the rear of the Supreme Court, and on the way back, we walked past the Russell Senate Office Building, and the Library of Congress. Union Station is still undergoing construction/repair from the earthquake last year. And the exterior and grounds are still undergoing renovation for I don't know what. And this is the spot where you can catch the duck boat rides. My husband refuses to even consider taking the duck boat! There is always a long line to catch a taxi after a long train ride, and many events are held here throughout the year. There are ample restaurants and shops, and snacks. It's a nice alternative to air travel, depending on where you need to go. I rode the train once to Jacksonville from St. Petersburg, and from Milwaukee to Chicago, and last year to a little place close to Richmond. There is something about train travel, and it hasn't quite been polluted with all the security measures of flying. I'm not sure if that is good or bad.
Getting tickets for the Duck boat

Always a busy place

A line waiting for a taxi winds all the way back

A good spot to exchange cash

And return it if necessary
Drop off and pick up points right out front
The sidewalks across the street are getting replaced

Earthquake damage report

Scaffolding to the ceiling

Reminds me of the Library

Ever present pigeons

A view of the Capitol from the north

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