Thursday, June 21, 2012

Capitol Hill Real Estate- SOLD!

Just last month a home on North Carolina Avenue sold within a week. A similar home on E Street behind our building sold within 2-3 weeks. You would never know there was a recession in this neighborhood. Another home behind us also sold quickly, and has been undergoing extensive renovation. Since we moved to this neighborhood, it has become more and more updated. The ugly building across the street was completely renovated with underground parking. All the sidewalks have been redone with new brick and the likelihood of falling on your face from tree roots popping through has dissipated. I have personal experience! Our building has a couple units on the market and it seems to be taking longer than usual to sell. Most of them are studio apartments in an 1890's building. There is more condo competition in the neighborhood, but none of the competition is as close to the metro and congressional buildings as ours. It takes a peculiar person to live in a place like this, but there will always be a need for this type of real estate as long as congress is located so close.
Sold within the month for ~$1M

Not sure about the color scheme, but love the windows

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