Friday, June 29, 2012


Dallas really does not have much to do with either DC or Milwaukee. But now that the TV show returned to prime time, it does. The only reason there is a connection is beacuse we faithfully watched all 13 seasons of the original episodes. I couldn't wait until Friday evening to get home from work, have dinner, and settle in to a comfortable spot and watch the show. We oftentimes scheduled activities around having to be home in time to watch. Obviously those were the days before VCR's and streaming. How things have changed. But what hasn't is the fun watching this rediculous show and that they key players are still around and kicking. It also reminds us of another time, just like certain songs and music does. It's not so much the show but what was going on around us that brings back the memories. But it's still fun to watch so many years later, even if it is on a Wednesday.

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