Thursday, June 21, 2012

Library of Congress Southwest Courtyard

I've known about the eventual opening of the Jefferson Building Southwest Courtyard for quite some time as our infrastructure service is accountable for designing, managing projects, and getting the furniture for all the Library renovations. Instead of the usual afternoon walk around the halls today, a colleague and I decided to walk through the tunnel that joins the Madison Building over to the Jefferson, and made our way to the just opened courtyard. Because of the heat, it was closed to food service, but open to walk about. These are some of the hidden treasures that most folks would not stumble upon if they were not actually looking for the space. There are signs to direct you along the way. What a great spot to sit and relax for lunch, or whatever. High above the wall is the flame of knowledge that sits on the dome visible from many points around the city. Across the way is a peculiar rounded architectural dimension that actually houses a staircase. Most office buildings have places to walk and sit, but there is obviously something special about this place. The courtyard is open from April to September, and the public is invited- but only if you can find it.
Wayfinding through the tunnel
Light fare is served from 11-2PM; the courtyard itself is open 9:30-3PM M-F

The same vendor as the cafeteria

A bank of tables

On the west side

The golden torch of knowledge overlooks the space

Encloses the staircase

The Library of Congress surrounds the space - just think what's behind those walls!

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