Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Library of Congress Summer Programs

In the cafeteria this morning there were a lot of young folks who were casually dressed, in large groups. They would either be tourists or interns. Because it was so early in the morning, I decided they must be interns. There are several internships sponsored by DC, as well as through high schools and universities all over the country. We've had many come and go to our office over the years, and you can imagine the caliber of skill level varies all over the map. As I was taking my walk this afternoon along the long corridors of the Madison Building, I came upon a very large group of students waiting to access the Congressional Research Service. They were all dressed the same in dark jackets and pants/skirts. What I noticed most was that they simply do not move aside so you can pass- not an uncommon and very irritating phenomenon that routinely occurs on the sidewalks of this city. It is so rampant that I now basically push my way past anyone who feels they own the sidewalk. (By the way, someone slammed the door in my face this afternoon). I really can't think of an excuse for this sort of behavior, all I know is I don't like it. Aside from all the students mulling around are the programs that are free and open to the public. These are the perks of working in a place like the Library, and living in a city like DC- even if you have to elbow your way past some of the human barriers to get to them.
I just elbowed my way past these human barriers
that blocked the entire hallway

Large crowds attend the
Congressional Research Service Programs

Visitors and staff can attend the free public programs

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