Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Michael Craig Men's Grooming

My husband used to go to Joe the Barber on Oakland Avenue in Milwaukee for a haircut. It was nothing special, but easy to get to and reasonably priced. When we moved here, he's tried a few different places. The first shop was a few blocks away near Union Station. It was okay, but some times he would come home with uneven sideburns. Our grandson goes to the barber shop near the marine barracks for a "high and tight" cut, but my husband isn't in to that style. He then tried a place that's been around since the 70's, and the haircut was actually quite nice and short. But once in awhile he would come home with a nick or a cut. The master barber didn't wear glasses and probably needed to. Last year while we were filling up the car with gas, I noticed a new haircut place that looked really nice. I put the name in my IPhone so we could look it up. I did, and my husband didn't seem too interested. But, the last haircut did him in, and he was searching for something a little more upscale. So this week he tried Michael Craig's on Pennsylvania Avenue and liked it a lot. It wasn't so much the haircut, but the treatment he got from the stylist. They must know about customer service because the experience won him over. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get it right. And he deserves it! (Photos from the Michael Craig website)
It was a very pleasant experience

He liked the stylist and the place

It was worth the switch

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