Sunday, June 10, 2012

Moby Dick Bubbles

While we were away to England for a long weekend, our grandson was assigned the job of attending to watering the plants, checking the mail, and most importantly- feeding the Betta fish Moby Dick. Moby expresses his happiness by building bubble nests. Before we left, he was a merry old soul. I wasn't sure what I would find when we returned. I did tell our grandson that Moby likes conversation as well as food. Moby always responds when he sees you - even from across the room. He is nothing like our 100 pound Wolfhound Tatiana, but it is amazing that such a tiny creature has human characteristics. When we returned there were no bubbles in the bowl. So I knew he missed us. And even my husband is convinced there is something to this. Just a day after we returned, he began building his bubble nest again. It's hard to leave a pet when you go away, but nice to know he misses you, even if he is just a tiny little fish.
The sunlight projects an interesting cascade of light

Moby loves his plants

Moby starting to build his bubble nest again

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