Thursday, June 14, 2012

Motorcade Down Massachusetts Avenue

We had an invitation to attend an event at the Irish Embassy. The traffic was just awful getting there as we left in the middle of rush hour. Many of the streets turn in to one way "highways" heading away from the city- and so was the case along Rock Creek Parkway. After we found a parking spot in  front of Woodrow Wilson's House, we walked along Massachusetts Avenue toward the Embassy. All of a sudden, the shrill noise of several police cars sounded, and it appeared as though it was heading in our direction. As we were about to cross over to the other side near the Embassy, a huge motorcade passed by. Obviously it was impossible to know who was inside, but it was very loud, and very long, and brought traffic to a grinding halt. The VP lives around this area near the Naval Observatory, but it seemed a bit too much for that. I guess it depends who else was with him- or maybe it was something else completely.
Several police on motorcycles followed by a huge motorcade

Passing along the roundabout on Massachusetts Avenue

At least 6 limos - passing by many embassies

Moving along in the distance while a Civil War general observes

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