Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sailabration in Baltimore

The War of 1812 is being celebrated in Baltimore this week. Since it was such a nice day, and we have not been on a day trip of sorts for awhile, we decided to take a ride to Baltimore, which is not even 50 miles away. A lot of tall ships and sailing vessels were invited to the fest from all over the world. We stayed in the Fells Point Neighborhood in the 80's, when it was first being reinvigorated. At that time, the Baltimore Inner Harbor looked a lot like Milwaukee - there is even a building there that looks just like Grand Avenue. Our daughter in law is from Baltimore, my brother was drafted by the Orioles out of high school as a left handed pitcher, and our son went to Johns Hopkins. My dad was in the Coast Guard, so seeing ships and sailing vessels brings back a lot of memories. A million visitors were expected to this event, and I think that was the case. As we passed by Camden Yards and the golden glove statue of Brooks Robinson, the traffic became very heavy. And as was predicted, there were a lot of sailors on the streets. We didn't find any parking, so just moved along slowly and observed the scenes. We even saw, but mostly heard, the Blue Angels flying overhead. It was a vibrant and bustling scene, and a very interesting place to visit. We did not make it to Fort McHenry. We were there before, and it is nice to know that it is remarkably close in case we ever want to go again.
Baltimore does look like Milwaukee

Camden Yards

Brooks Robinson

The sailors were everywhere

A Canadian ship

Wonder what she is thinking?

Always a pirate ship
If you look hard enough there is a Blue Angels aircraft

Strolling along

A lot of activity along the Inner Harbor

Could be from Indonesia- one of the invited guest countries

Reminds me of visiting my dad's Coast Guard ships

At Fells Point

Making the rounds

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