Friday, June 22, 2012

Staking the Tomato Plant

With all the heat, the vegetables in the garden are thriving- especially the tomatoes. We have two growing on our little patio garden. One plant is already staked, and the other one has outgrown the traditional silver round model. We tied some string to the fence to give the plant more support, but it looked bad and wasn't really doing the job. So we decided to get another assist device for tomato plant number 2. These supports are nice because they can be adjusted as the plant grows, blend in with the rest of the greenery, and are easy to store (even though we had a larger shed built this spring to accommodate these types of things along with our luggage and cushions for the seats on the patio). The garden has a southern exposure, and gets direct sunlight through 3PM. Then it's shady and very comfortable to sit outside later in the afternoon. As for all the vegetables, the cucumbers are also doing well, but I'm not so sure about the eggplant. There is nothing better than fresh vegetables from the garden-and we enjoyed one in Milwaukee as well on a much bigger scale, but with a much shorter growing season.
It works very well
This plant outgrew it's cage

First sign of success

The cucumber is crawling along
Plant number one was already staked

Plenty of room to grow

The second cucumber is heading toward the trellis

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