Friday, June 15, 2012

A Wedding, A Bedlington Terrier, and TJ Stones in Alexandria

We needed a shower curtain liner and wanted an excuse to go to Alexandria so we made our way to Restoration Hardware on King Street. After we parked the car away from the tourist traps, we walked along one of our favorite routes. I had noticed a couple toasting champagne glasses and headed in that direction. And there they were- a sailor and his bride, with a small wedding party, waiting for the next phase of this special occasion. It was a simply gorgeous day for a wedding. As we passed along, my favorite little Bedlington Terrier was in his usual spot behind the front door of the shop he lives in. We stopped in the shop last year and met him and his mother, and father. They are the sweetest little dogs. This day he was wearing a French colored ribbon around his neck. Restoration is only a block from that point, but we were disappointed to find that it had closed. There are 2 other stores in the area- one in Georgetown and one in Tysons Corner. Since it was not an emergency, we just headed back home. But on the way out of Old Towne, we found a neat little restaurant that we might try tomorrow called TJ Stones. So in the end it was worth the drive - as it always is to Old Towne.
Along St. Asaph Street was a wedding party

We had just missed the toast
The little Bedlington looks like a doll

He's watching me take his photo- must happen all the time

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