Sunday, August 5, 2012

Babysitting Fish

We used to have a 100 pound borzoi that had in house babysitting when we were out of town. Since we moved to DC we have a tiny betta fish. He probably could survive without daily attention, but believe it or not, he likes interacting and is quite social. So our grandson has the daily duty of feeding him three tiny pellets, talking to him, and watering the plants. This weekend we had a babysitting assignment. Our son has a pond in the front yard with several fish. We were assigned feeding duty twice a day. This amounts to about twenty large sized pellets. The fish did not seem too interested at first. They hid at the bottom of the pond. But then they became acquainted with their new benefactor and gobbled every last morsel. It seems everyone and everything gets used to a change in their routine after awhile - even if it's a tiny little betta fish. Or maybe it's just the hunger that overtakes any inhibition.

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