Thursday, August 2, 2012

Free Parking and More

There is a stretch along First Street right next to the renovated Truckers Building that has no permit or metered parking. In this neighborhood, it is very unusual to observe ten car owners have little to no concern about a car once it is parked. The Truckers Building added underground parking, so the need to park on the street is less essential than in the past. But for folks who actually live in the neighborhood and pay taxes for questionable city services, it is most irritating to witness free parking. Since we no longer have the luxury of a garage, every little space counts. So, I wrote to our Council member about the possibility of raising some revenue there and about three other items. One was about permit parking passes for homeowners; another was for a very dangerous intersection where just yesterday I witnessed another near miss accident; and the third was about constant road construction that eats up even more parking spaces. I did get a response to these issues in short order with a bunch of cc's. Let's see how long it takes for any action to be taken on any of these issues. Stay tuned!

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