Monday, August 20, 2012

Historic Capitol Hill Couch

It's been awhile since furniture has polluted the sidewalks of our historic Capitol Hill neighborhood. Usually it's filthy mattresses that populate the space. You can almost predict when it will happen. Spring cleaning is the typical high season, but whenever someone moves, it is a sure thing that something will end up on the sidewalk. It got so bad at one time that a sign was finally posted behind our building that it is private property. But signs don't mean a whole lot to many folks around here. Where we come from, folks generally take responsibility of disposing this junk either by taking it to the city dump - after first showing proof that you actually live there - or by leaving it on the front curb and calling the city for pick up. Calling the city is an option here too, but this approach rarely occurs. Let's see how long it takes for this item to get removed - it's been five days so far. Until that time comes, someone can take advantage of the great view, or help direct parking.

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