Friday, August 17, 2012

Indigo Landing

Driving along the George Washington Parkway this afternoon on our way to Alexandria for lunch and errands, we always pass by Indigo Landing. We've been to this restaurant several times, but not recently. It reminds us of a place called Pieces of Eight in Milwaukee, because it was also located on the water- Lake Michigan - and was nestled among a lot if sailing vessels. It's a great place to watch planes flying in and taking off from Reagan Airport, and has a birds-eye view of DC. During the summer, the kids take sailing and parasailing lessons, and it is all quite colorful. The bike/walking trail winds its way past here to Mount Vernon. It has the feel of an old supper club, even though it was recently renovated. There are two other restaurant choices right on the parkway- Cedar Knoll and the restaurant at Mount Vernon. Once in a while it's worth the trip, but probably not habit forming.

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