Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's Blog Week

Just this week my blog was added to the DC Blogs website. So the entries are automatically added to the live feed. Also this week my blog reached 10,000 hits. Another milestone to celebrate. Then today, someone so kindly noted a blog entry made earlier in the week on the DC Blogs website about the empty hallways of August. I've been lucky to have two other entries noted. It makes such a huge difference in hits for the day- which was the way I found out about the website to begin with. So you could say this is a blog week. I can't wait for my blog to get it's assigned logo so that it really looks official. I'm not sure I would have started something like this while living in Milwaukee. But I'm not so sure they existed like they do now, but the subject matter and general focus would have been hard to identify- except maybe a weather report.

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