Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's In The Genes

Upon receiving the first day of school photo of our fourth grade grandson, it was clear I had seen this face before. We do see him regularly because he lives just down the street from us. So I went rummaging through the thumb drive that I assembled when we left Wisconsin - it houses a lot of old and not so old photos of our thirty years in the cold climate up north. I changed the grandson's photo to black and white, cropped it just so - losing a lot of pixels in the process - and put it up against his grandpa's... And voila! The same mouth and chin, and maybe a little nose. My husband was amazed at the similarity. I was not quite that surprised. I have this tendency to see things that just pop out... A lot of people don't. But then again, when I had to study genetics in biology class all those years ago, I hated it because it never made any sense to me - just like the results of the genes in pictures don't make sense or are obvious to others.

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