Sunday, August 26, 2012

Last of the Mohican Vegetables

Having become disappointed with the crop this year, we decided it was time to do a little garden editing to make more space for the mums waiting in line for their turn to shine. Because it has been typically too hot to spend the usual time trimming things back and keeping other things tidy, it was like a mini jungle out there in our patio garden. All summer long my husband would check on the progress of the two cucumber vines, two tomato plants, and one eggplant. There were a lot of flowers, but few vegetables. We managed to eek out some really small tomatoes, and a couple cucumbers. The eggplant is still flowering, and doing its job filling in a bald spot. The fun thing about having a little garden, no matter where you live, is to unexpectedly come upon a surprise cucumber hiding in the weeds. One cucumber was out there in plain sight, taunting us. But two others were found only after the vines were pulled out for the season. I think the cucumbers would have eventually exploded. They begin to lose their taste when they get to this stage, but make for a great still life photo.

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