Friday, August 31, 2012

LIT Digital Paintings Etsy Shop

When the IPad can along a couple years ago it reignited my interest in art. I used to sketch, and draw with pastels and watercolors. Then real life came along and I knew I would need to make a real living, so I went in to health care and remained in it for thirty years. I met my husband at the hospital, so it was well worth it! Since we moved to DC from Milwaukee, I no longer work in health care. The Library of Congress is very different, but is only two blocks away and actually a dream job. Now in my spare time, I've resumed the hobby I love. I now have a website called featuring my digital works. I have a Facebook page named LIT Digital Art and Such. I have two digital art pieces hanging in the Library of Congress Madison Building, and this weekend will have two works on exhibit at the Clara Barton National Historic Site through October. I've placed an ad in the Hill Rag, and just opened up a shop on Etsy called LITDigitalPaintings. Please take a look around the gallery! I would appreciate any feedback. The biggest compliment any artist can receive is someone telling me they want to mat and frame a piece and showcase it somewhere for their personal use, or give an image to someone as a gift. I'm not sure if I would have done any or all of this in Milwaukee, but it sure is great to have my art showcased in such great settings.

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