Saturday, August 25, 2012

Scenic Overlook

Along the George Washington Parkway heading towards Highway 123 to Tyson's are two scenic overlooks. I remember stopping at places like this when traveling with my family up and down the Eastern seaboard between Massachusetts and Florida. So today we stopped at each of them expecting to find some grand views. I suppose it depends on the season, what your definition of a grand view is, and what you were expecting to see. I was hoping for a view of the city in the distance, with the monuments and landmarks all in line. That was not the case. Instead, it was a few boaters on the river, and a lot greenery. I'm still hoping to see an eagle one of these days. And it's curious to consider what all went on in these woods since it became inhabited. On our way back home, there is a spot where a view of DC can be seen, but if you blink, it will be missed. Regardless, riding along the Parkway in either direction is always a very pleasant journey. Even though there was a new freeway constructed connecting South Milwaukee to downtown, we always chose the scenic route along Lake Drive to enjoy the views. Some things never change.

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