Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Something Stuffed Food Truck

A new entry in to the food truck craze is Something Stuffed. A purple truck was parked right in front of Subway and Bullfeathers and the Thai place along First Street. Right next to the truck was the shoeshine guy that sets up his shop every day in front of Bullfeathers. He always extends a warm greeting and has become somewhat of a fixture. Regardless of how long the customer line is anxiously waiting to be served, it always blocks the sidewalk and no one has the intention of moving out of your way, even though it is plain as day that someone is trying to pass by. This truck serves up local ingredients and the menu changes around depending on what is in season. Veggie and meat chili, dumplings filled with a variety of stuffings, and even apple pie can be had. As I get to go home for lunch every day, I never actually taste the options, but at least folks who work around here can. I just wish they would move out of the way once in a while.

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