Friday, August 24, 2012

Taking In The Rays and a Smoke

As the dog days of summer are upon us, some folks are doing everything they can to catch the last bit of sunshine available before the cooler days of autumn roll in. In a rather unexpected setting along a very highly trafficked Independence Avenue, we came upon a guy who was attempting to do just that. He appeared to be sleeping with a lit cigar in his hand. He must have had a sixth sense that his picture was being snapped because he abruptly woke up in sort of a daze. I'm not totally convinced that was the reason for his awakening. Besides, the sun wasn't even out today. In Milwaukee, there was a guy about the same age and shape who thought getting a sun tan was a 365 day event. He would surround himself with aluminum foil walls wearing the smallest of bathing suits- even on the coldest of days. I wonder what each of them was thinking?

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