Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Really Nice, Nice, and Interesting Garden Water Features

One of the delights of the summer is puttering around the garden. And nothing looks more sensational than a water feature of some kind. Our son has a small fish pond in his front yard here in DC, and currently in bloom is a white sacred lotus. We have a tiny garden patio with a solar bubbler with a tiny little hyacinth adorning it. We've not had a lot of luck with these water plants. We originally got it for our Betta fish, Moby Dick. But it wasn't doing so well inside, so it was moved to the heat and sun of the southern exposed birdbath. Unfortunately, the summer is so very short in Wisconsin. And living along Lake Michigan it is easily ten degrees cooler. My husband wanted a water feature on the patio, and found one that was indeed unique. The cowboy wearing only a hat seemed out of place. But he liked it and the sound of the running water. It replaced the more traditional birdbath that oftentimes was visited by the most unusual birds and critters. I do miss the variety of animals and birds that came by for an occasional visit, but I'll take the longer summer here any time.

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