Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Theodore Roosevelt Island

It is quite the unexpected place to find in an urban environment. Nestled right off the George Washington Parkway in the Potomac River is a wonderful spot to stroll just about any time of the year. The island is a good size and has an interesting history that dates back to the 1600's. I believe someone lived on it in a substantial house during the 1700's and it saw some action by Union troops during the Civil War. We have driven to it a few times, parked the car, and walked over the very inviting bridge. There is a tribute to Teddy in the center. Across the way you can see Georgetown and the Kennedy Center. During one walk, I could even coax a lovely butterfly to sit on my finger. All along the GW Parkway are scenic overlooks. Especially on the weekends during the summer, the Potomac River is packed with water craft and activity. But the island is most interesting as it is so completely unexpected, and is a great place to bring out of towners. In Florida there were two ponds in our neighborhood with little islands in the middle of them. We used to use bamboo rods with bread balls to catch fish. The bird refuge on the island was loud and fun to watch. But we could never really get on their island, and I am sure they were glad about that. We get to mingle with the wildlife on Teddy's island, and it's mostly the human kind.

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