Thursday, August 16, 2012

Three Munchkins In The Same Color Skirt

There they were in front of me. A set of triplets dressed in the same color skirt on their way to lunch at Bullfeathers. That got me thinking about things that are grouped in threes. Both my husband and I are the third of three kids; most of us have 3 given names; I have 3 hobbies- photography, art & writing. At work there are 3 Library Buildings- Jefferson, Madison, Adams; 3 police are stationed at every major entrance; 3 slots in the recycle bins; I work on the third floor; I enjoy my 3 day weekends; a 3 ring circus?; 3 shifts to work. Our favorite designer from Milwaukee always encouraged grouping items in to 3...lights, flying carpets, birds, statues, pillows, plants, magazines. On my way back to work I noticed 3 safety cones; usually 3 level townhouses; 3 parts to a stoplight. How about 3 strikes and you're out; 3 colors in the flag; the 3 stooges; 3 branches of government; 3 holiday concerts on the Capitol steps- Memorial, July 4, and Labor Day. Gold, silver and bronze medals; small, medium and large sizes; short, medium and long hair; short, medium and tall heights; birth, life and death. Beginning, middle, end; red, yellow, green; day, evening, night; good, bad, ugly. Millions of acronyms, singing groups, movie and song titles. In Milwaukee there are 3 parts to a snowman; 3 seasons- winter, more winter, and even more winter; and one unfortunate accident with 3 fingers in a snowblower.

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