Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Woodrow Wilson House

Right off Massachusetts Avenue and sitting pretty among several embassies is the red brick Woodrow Wilson House. We visited it awhile back and more recently passed by it on our way to an event at the Irish Embassy. I suppose this address serves as his presidential library. It is left as it was when he lived there, although his wife lived there many years after he died. The furnishings remind me a lot of my grandparents house in Fall River, Massachusetts- especially the crystal/glass door knobs. The car sits in the garage and the garden behind the house is quite nice, as most gardens are in this town. It is my understanding that this is a great place for a wedding. It would be interesting to come again at Christmas time. And because we live here now, we can come back any time we want. There is always something to see and do here, more so than in Milwaukee. And the best part is that I have actually read about and am interested in the characters who once roamed these streets. I try to imagine what they were thinking without having to worry about taking a test. I was going to major in history. Now I get to live in it.

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