Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Apartment Therapy Classified Ads

Having known nothing about this, my friend advised I might want to check out the Apartment Therapy classified ads website. She has a lot of stuff she wants to get rid of, and advocated using it after selling a table and chairs set. I first checked with the "owners" to make sure custom digital art would be considered appropriate. After fooling around with the process of uploading photos, double checking the content, and finally figuring out that it was me creating the glitch, I got one listing up and running. There are probably a million ways to get your business noticed, but I'm not aware of the half of it. I've used the Hill Rag to advertise, have an Etsy Shop, have a personal website, displayed art at the Library and the Clara Barton National Historic Site, mention it on this blog.....any other ideas? I much prefer working on hand painted digital art than my day job, but if this was my day job, I'd probably prefer working on something else. So if you know anyone who would like to have a pet portrait created, let me know! Or just check the classifieds.

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