Friday, December 21, 2012

Kielbasa Factory Rockville

Mrs. T's usually does the trick for us, but we decided to go on a little adventure to Rockville where the Kielbasa Factory resides. Once in awhile you'll find pierogis on the appetizer menu, but not much else. In Milwaukee and Chicago, there are several restaurants, along with Polish Fest on the lakefront in summer. We lived in a primarily Polish Community in Milwaukee. My mother tells me we spoke Polish before English, and she attended grade school in both languages in Massachusetts. Her Dad owned a grocery store in Fall River, and you can bet they had Polish sausage! We traditionally had pierogis on Christmas Eve, and kielbasa on Christmas Day. This year it will be both on Christmas Day. At least now we know we can always get the authentic stuff if and when we need it. It reminds me of the old butcher shops we would visit in the old neighborhood. They have all kinds of kielbasa, pierogi, and a variety of canned stuff, etc. The place was packed with people stocking up for the holiday. I don't blame them, as making pierogi is a long and tedious process. Incidentally, the Kielbasa Factory is practically right across the street from Yekta, the Iranian restaurant and little grocery store we like. So both my husband and I get something out of the trip.

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