Tuesday, December 18, 2012

LIT Digital Paintings Etsy Shop

There is nothing more exciting than to get a request for a custom pet portrait. The last request came all the way from Australia. Before that, I had two requests from Oregon. The one thing in common about these and most of the others is that they are intended as gifts for someone else. What's also so great about actually creating the image is that it is done on the IPad that serves as the canvas, and my finger is the brush. It is a lot less messy than water colors and pastels. The jpeg image has no shipping cost, and the buyer can turn it into whatever they choose. Someone had their image reproduced on watercolor paper, another on a canvas. They look really great on any digital device too. I personally like using foam board cut to size as the backdrop for the art "photo." It's light and really easy to hang with Velcro. I always liked dabbling in art as a youngster and places like Etsy provide exposure. I've also placed a few ads in the Hill Rag. So if you're ever interested in having a pet portrait made, please contact me! Just send a photo to LITDigitalArt@gmail.com or check the Etsy site for LITDigitalPaintings. So far, the reaction has been really positive, and I couldn't ask for anything more!

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