Friday, December 28, 2012

The Congresswoman and Newt

Within the past week we have stumbled upon a couple notable and potentially notable characters. The first was on Christmas Eve, where we went for brunch in McLean at the McLean Family Restaurant. It's a pleasant drive from our house along the George Washington Parkway, and reminds us of the Greek breakfast places we came to know in Milwaukee. The snow was lightly falling and the scene was reminiscent of past Christmas Eves. Once we were seated at our table we noticed everyone around us pointing fingers at someone who just walked in. There was Newt Gingrich making his way towards his wife, who had already been seated in a booth at the other side of the room. We have seen John Huntsman and a TV News personality there on different occasions. The other day I was walking in the hallway of our building when a woman by the mailboxes asked if I could be of some help about where she could empty the trash. Since my husband handles that activity and knows the recycling bins better, I grabbed him from the apartment and introduced her as someone who had just moved in. Upon returning to the hallway, and some chit chatting, we learned she was a new congresswoman from Illinois. The swearing in ceremony is next week, and we may have an opportunity to attend the celebration party in the House Office Building. You never know who you might run in to here, and in some of the most unexpected places.

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