Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Harris Teeter Mission

With all the holiday shopping and football games going on, we thought this afternoon would be the perfect time to get our Christmas food shopping done. And we were right. It was empty. My husband always does the grocery business, but I needed to go this time to pick out some sort of cake for a family birthday, which we will be celebrating on Tuesday, even though it was actually yesterday. I have always hated going to the grocery store. I remember growing up in Florida dreading the commissary at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. So we headed out to Harris Teeter on Pennsylvania Avenue. It really is quite convenient to park underground, and even more for all the residents who live above it in the relatively new condo complex. My understanding is that another store is going to be built in the Navy Yard neighborhood by the ball park, and another is currently under construction in Old Town, Alexandria. I never heard of the name Harris Teeter before we moved here. Sendik's was our store of choice in Milwaukee. But to me, they all look the same, and I don't like going to any of them. But I have no problem eating any of the stuff we get there. And the cakes looked yummy!

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