Friday, December 7, 2012

The Jackson and Perkins Christmas Tree Arrived

Every year we travel to Florida to visit my parents. After living in New England for six years it was an easy adjustment for me to start over again in second grade in this new place. It's been a lot of years since then, and my parents no longer decorate for the holidays. So I always order a live decorated and lighted little tree from Jackson and Perkins for them just to add a bit of the Christmas season. This year it was ordered to arrive the same day we would arrive for our visit. And so it did. I set it up and plugged it in and it does add something to the room. It was always odd at Christmas not to have snow. But we quickly got used to it. Now I am very happy to be out of Wisconsin after living there thirty years. I'm getting to feel more and more like my parents each year. It seems harder and harder to decorate. Maybe I should just order two trees next year.

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