Wednesday, January 9, 2013

GE Profile Refrigerator Ice Cube and Water Dispenser Problems

Our GE Profile refrigerator is only three years old and we are already having trouble with the ice cube maker and water dispenser. I'm not sure that it matters what brand appliance it is because we always have trouble. Maybe we are just jinxed. The ice disappeared and the water started trickling out the dispenser, so we changed the filter. In the meantime, because the water tastes so awful, we got some bottled water and started to look at filtered water pitchers. We decided on a Brita model that would suit the need, just in case the problem did not get resolved. It takes a scientist to read through the directions to get the pitcher set up for use the first time. The pitcher even has a microchip of sorts with a five year battery life on it to tell you when the filter needs to be replaced. Over the weekend, we emptied out the refrigerator, unplugged it, and gave it a twenty-four hour rest. We sometimes have luck getting it rebooted with this approach. After the time passed, we plugged it back in, loaded it back up, and crossed our fingers. The water dispenser has a very slow drip, but at least the ice cubes are getting made. I suppose refrigerators lasted so long in the past because they didn't have all these fancy gadgets. But it is still a pain in the neck to mess around with an ice cube tray.

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