Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Good Truck, Bad Truck

Some trucks I look forward to seeing. UPS and FedEx usually bring something we need - most if the time. We aren't big food truck users, but a lot of folks enjoy the variety of options for lunch apart from the couple of brick and mortar restaurants within walking distance. A new food truck called Tokyo In The City appeared today. The colorful food trucks can even be considered artistic. But it it always annoying when the demolition and construction vehicles show up in the neighborhood. It makes for a lot of sustained noise and the afternoon nap gets interrupted. Probably the worst of all of these many wheeled monstrosities are the moving trucks that block up the circle drive in front of our house. They always ruin our first floor view and make a mess in the lobby/entryway. Second to those are the vehicles that clog up the sidewalks so you need to walk around them. I suppose it could be worse, but not when it all happens on the same day.

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