Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hawk N Dove Revisited

At the first of the year, I wrote an entry about Hawk N Dove, and that it looked like it was going to open soon. There it sits on Pennsylvania Avenue in between Tune Inn and a liquor store. Last weekend when we met our friend for dinner, she said that she walked by the place and there was a sign saying it would be opening last week? Today when we walked by, there were indeed signs in the window, but there was not a date on exactly when, but perhaps it will be this Wednesday? Or maybe it was this afternoon at 4 PM? Weekend brunch is set to start on February 10? I saw a want ad on line for wait staff early in January that gave me the heads up. The menu was also hanging on the window today. I'm sorry to say that it's not like what it was, if you were hoping for something Ike that. It's all looking, sounding, and feeling like everything else on Eighth Street. Bullfeathers near our house is nothing like it was either. We used to go there every week and now we barely go twice a year. Yes, we will give it a shot sometime down the road, but I have a feeling we might be disappointed.

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