Sunday, January 6, 2013

Inauguration Preparation Continues

Every time we pass by the Capitol the inauguration preparation is edging towards completion in time for the final date of Monday, January 21. It's been going on since early November. Today the millions of folding chairs have been hauled in and some of them have been set up along the sidewalk areas approaching the Capitol Building, soon to cover the entire lawn. All along the sides of the building are trailers that will eventually be filled with press type people and other dignitaries. The loud speakers are being installed as evidenced by all the tractors strategically placed around the perimeter. The sound system components and wide screen televisions will eventually show up every so many feet all the way down to the Washington Monument. I'm wondering what action will take place on the East Lawn of the Capitol that faces the Library. Most folks will be on the West side. A lot of the limos enter on the east side, which can be entertaining. We'll probably DVR the event so we will actually see what happens when we come home from the festivities. Because anytime we attend events like this, we never see much of anything...and we only live two blocks away. In Milwaukee we had no choice but to watch it on TV. Living here we like to see the real thing, even though we don't.

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