Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bamboo Stylus Artist Tools

The other day I noticed that the nib on my Bamboo stylus was torn. I can't say I am surprised because it is the stylus of choice that is used to create all my art. Since I started to draw again when the first generation IPad surfaced a couple years ago, it's been an interesting experience. No longer do I need watercolor paints, or pastels, or ink. All I need is my IPad and stylus. I've researched styli and tried a couple different devices, but find the Bamboo suits my need the best. So I went on Amazon, ordered a new pen in green (my favorite color), and also two packs of nibs - a pack of firm and a pack of soft. It seems odd that the stylus comes with a quick start guide. Now I can get back to what I like doing the most and have an extra pen and nibs in reserve. I think I'll try the Bamboo paper app too. I always loved walking through art stores and looking at all the great stuff. Now I can do it all from my couch, including the art!

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