Sunday, February 3, 2013

Helen Olivia Alexandria

Usually when we go to Alexandria, we park in the same general area. It is right near a flower shop called Helen Olivia, and George Washington's townhouse. We once stopped there for some Christmas greenery. It reminds us of a place we frequented regularly in Milwaukee called The Private Gardener. They turned an old warehouse downtown in to a unique establishment for the time and had stunning floral arrangements and garden accents of all kinds. Helen Olivia also has a beautiful seasonal window display. It is so artfully and tastefully put together. It's a joy to pass by and see what they've designed for the season and in between. With Valentine's Day this month, obviously the theme is hearts and red accents. If you like unusual, interesting, and always beautiful arrangements, this is the place. If nothing else, viewing the storefront window displays are worth the trip.

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