Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rosa Parks Colleagues at the Capitol Visitor Center

After hearing all the press about the Rosa Parks statue unveiling yesterday at the Capitol, I thought it was a good time to revisit the Capitol Visitor Center on my afternoon walk. Of course I wouldn't get an invitation to such an event and don't really get in to the Capitol Building routinely. But the statues spread out in to the visitor center and there are several women represented there from Helen Keller to Sacajawea. I'm not sure how the decision is made regarding full body or bust only, but the most striking statue of all is Freedom. The replica outsizes them all, but has a very different purpose. The place was quite empty when I arrived there today...a great time to visit. But when I was leaving a huge class of girls from a Catholic high school came storming down the stairs. I knew for certain because I wore a plaid skirt just like that so many years ago. And then I wondered if any one of them might become one of these treasured ladies I just saw. One never knows. But it was a great change of scenery and even better because it is so easy to walk to through the underground tunnels. And that is definitely something that never happened in Milwaukee- and they could use some tunnels with all the snow they had today.

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