Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Anniversary! Royal, Target & Staples

Today is our anniversary. I am OFF and it is SUNNY outside. Those are my two favorite words. So what better way to spend the early afternoon than to go out for lunch and do some shopping? We headed over to Alexandria to Royal... A really cheap place that my husband hates, but actually not so bad if you're looking for something simple! And I was in the mood for a turkey club and a side of mashed potatoes. He is on a French Onion soup binge. Then we were on to some exciting shopping ... at Target - for a bath mat and some odds and ends. Why is it that we can never figure out the right kind of water filter for all these coffee makers. It gets ridiculous. Then we walked over to Staples - for some ink for my printer, and velcro and foam board to cut and hang my digital art at Wagtime Shop on M Street. Now we are back home and doing absolutely nothing. And I like that most of all. So, happy anniversary to my best bud! I couldn't live without him.

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